Loyalty Program

We very appreciate that you have chosen Matryoshka jewellery and accessories! Therefore for all Matryoshka customers we have worked out new loyalty program.

After the first purchase in our online store – https://en.matryoshkadesign.com you receive a discount on all future purchases.

    Your discount will be:
  • 5% off on all your future orders in our online store;
  • 10% off, when the sum of all your purchases exceeds €750;
  • 15% off, when the sum of all your purchases exceeds €1500.

After you receive the first purchase, we will include you to Matryoshka Club of regular customers and will sent a mail about it to you. You can check the size of your discount and the sum of all your purchases in the personal account on this website.

Matryoshka Loyalty Program doesn't work in our partners' shops and their online stores, but we give you the discount in Matryoshka stores and in markets and other events where Matryoshka participates. To receive a discount in our offline stores, please tell to our shop consultants your name and e-mail from your account in the online store.

Matryoshka are able to change the rules of this loyalty program at any time at its own choice. In case of the program modification, these changes come into operation from the moment of their publication on the website https://en.matryoshkadesign.com, if other conditions aren't pointed in time of their publication.